For Patients and Caregivers

Gelclair – Unique Ingredients, No Alcohol

  • Gelclair is a unique oral gel whose key ingredients are the hyaluronic acid and polyvinlypyrrolidone (PVP)
  • Gelclair does not contain alcohol, which can cause a burning sensation and dry the oral mucosa.
  • Gelclair creates a protective coating which alleviates irritation of exposed nerves in the ulcer areas.


Comparison of Oral Gels, Artificial Saliva Agents and Magic Mouthwash for the Management of OM

Product Name Class Indication (Management and/or Relief of Pain) Dispenser Freq. of Administration Alcohol Content Zero Copay for Qualified Patients
Gelclair® Barrier gel (rinse) Yes Unit-of-use sachet (gel) 3X dailyor as needed No Yes
MuGard Barrier gel (rinse) Yes Bottle 4-6X dailyor as needed Benzyl alcohol No
Episil® Barrier gel (spray) Yes Spray 2-3X dailyor as needed Ethanol No
Magic Mouthwash Multiple constituents. Usually include a numbing agent. N/A Variable (must be refrigerated) Up to 8X daily Most formulation contain ethanol No
Caphosol® Electrolyte soln. resembling artificial saliva Dryness of the mouth ** Ampoules for mixing 4-10X daily No No
Neutrasal® Electrolyte soln. resembling artificial saliva Dryness of the mouth ** Unit-of-use packet 4-10X daily No No

* Based on product labels and published data.
** Amelioration of pain is associated with relief of dryness of the oral mucosa.