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RxPadGelclair contains a unique combination of ingredients

  • Gelclair is a bioadherent oral rinse gel whose key ingredients are hyaluronic acid, polyvinlypyrrolidone and glycyrrhetinic acid.
  • When applied to the oral mucosa, Gelclair provides rapid and effective relief from pain, by creating a protective coating which alleviates irritation of denuded nerves in the ulcer areas.
  • Gelclair does not contain ethanol, reducing the risk of drying or stinging


Helps Relieve Severe Pain in Head and Neck Cancer Patients

In an evaluation of head and neck cancer patients receiving radiotherapy (n=33) there was a 57% reduction in pain score from baseline (8.33) with Gelclair tid (average 2.29 days; maximum 4 days) 1

Helps Relieve Severe Pain in Head and Neck Cancer Patients



Effective in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) Patients

In a randomized, controlled trial in HSCT patients (N=57), Gelclair significantly reduced pain compared to a mouthwash consisting of chlorhexidine and Mycostatin (nystatin ) (p=0.04). 2



Gelclair – Effectively Relieves OM Pain due to Chemotherapy

Due to the Relief in Pain, Patients Ability to Eat and Drink Improved

In an open label study of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy (n=30), after 3 days of Gelclair tid pain scores decreased by 52%, functionality (the ability to eat and drink due to less pain) improved by 41% and the OM grade (WHO scale) decreased 43%. 3



Gelclair Demonstrated Relief of OM Pain and Reduces the need for Analgesic

In an open-label study of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy induced oral mucositis (n=25; 16 completed the full study), after 7 days the average pain score declined from 6.6 to 2.4 (63%; p<0.0001). At the end of day 3 the average number of analgesic doses declined 46% (p = ns). 4




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